Cold Country Traffic Control has been providing superior traffic control services to the East Kootenays since 2006 and we pride ourselves on the reputation for reliability and safety.
Your projects are important and as our client we take all your needs seriously and work hard to make sure you have everything required to step on road in a timely manner.
If your task is requires last minute needs for traffic control that could not have been anticipated, give us a shout! We will work overtime to ensure everything happens according to your timeline.
From start to finish let us do the footwork for you, we will provide you with accurate and safe traffic control management plans, permits from ministry offices, equipment and safety personnel to complete the works.
If we have had the pleasure of providing previous services; we thank you and look forward to working with you on your next project. If you have never used our services before, may I suggest giving us a chance to show you what we can do for you and how Cold Country Traffic Control will be an asset to your company and projects, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



Owner / Operations Manager

I love a challenge; traffic control is a great way to keep my mind sharp with the ever changing environments we work in.  When I am out on the road with my contractors they are instantly family and I protect them as such. In this profession I have the opportunity to meet many people in a multitude of organizations and I strive to learn from each and every one of them. When not on the road I enjoy classical music, Crochet and brain building activities.



Assistant Operations Manager



Marketing Manager




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